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How to: Manage the Access Control Namespace for a Service Bus

Published: January 31, 2013

Updated: June 19, 2015

Applies To: Azure

When you create a Service Bus namespace in the , the portal automatically creates an Access Control namespace for the service bus. This topic explains how to open the ACS management portal to the Access Control namespace for a service bus so you can configure and manage it.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure Management Portal (, sign in, and then click Active Directory. (Troubleshooting tip: "Active Directory" item is missing or not available)

  2. Click Service Bus and then select a service bus.

  3. Click Connection Information and then click Open ACS Management Portal.

You can now use the ACS management portal to configure and manage the Access Control namespace for the service bus. To verify that the Access Control namespace is associated with the service bus, see the Service Namespace field at the top of the Access Control Service page. The namespace name consists of the service bus namespace name with an "-sb" suffix.

For more information about configuring the Access Control namespace for a service bus, see Developing Applications that Use Service Bus and Federated Authentication for Azure Service Bus (

When you add a Service Bus relying party application to a managed namespace, such as a Service Bus namespace, do not enter application-specific (dedicated) certificates or keys. Instead, select the options that direct ACS to use the certificates and keys that are configured for all applications in the managed namespace. For relying party applications that are not managed by Microsoft, you must create and manage application-specific (dedicated) keys. For more information, see Managed Namespaces.

For help with ACS management tasks in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal, click Active Directory, and then click Help (?). (Or, click Active Directory, click Access Control Namespaces, and then click Help.)

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