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Updated: February 12, 2014


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The Marketplace Publisher’s Reports tab gives you your financial statement for the selected time period. The report gives you a period summary and detailed transaction history. Use the report to track how well you and your various data offerings are doing.

The Reports tab is only visible if you have financial transactions to report. If the Reports tab is visible and you click it, you are taken to the Financial Statements page. There are three areas in the statements.

  1. Statement Period (Figure 1:1)
    A dropdown where you select the period for the report.

  2. Statement Summary (Figure 1:2)
    An summary of your account for the report period. This section includes the account balance at the beginning of the report period, monies paid out to you bank, income for the period, refunds for the period and any adjustments for the period. The summary ends with your closing balance, which is the amount of the next payout to you.

  3. Statement Details (Figure 1:3)
    A detailed listing of all account transactions during this statements period.

You can download a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file of this statement by clicking Download CSV file. (Figure 1:4)

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