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RemoveCallback Method

Removes a cache notification callback. Applies only to the server versions of AppFabric.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching
Assembly:  Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client (in Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client.dll)

public void RemoveCallback(
	DataCacheNotificationDescriptor notificationDescriptor

Once added, your application will continue to receive cache notifications until it removes the callback. To identify a notification, this method requires the corresponding DataCacheNotificationDescriptor object that was returned when you added the callback. To facilitate this requirement, declare your DataCacheNotificationDescriptor object at a scope that is accessible to the code in your application that adds the callback and the code in your application that removes the callback. For more information, see <maml:externalLink><maml:linkText>Remove a Cache Notification Callback</maml:linkText><maml:linkUri></maml:linkUri></maml:externalLink>.


In order for your application to use notifications, you need to enable them on a named cache. Use the NotificationsEnabled parameter with the New-Cache or Set-CacheConfig commands. For more information, see <maml:externalLink><maml:linkText>Using Windows PowerShell to Manage Windows Server AppFabric Caching Features</maml:linkText><maml:linkUri></maml:linkUri></maml:externalLink>.

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