GetIfNewer Method (String, DataCacheItemVersion, String)

Gets an object from the specified region, but only if a newer version of the object resides in the region. Applies only to the server versions of AppFabric.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching
Assembly:  Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client (in Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client.dll)

public Object GetIfNewer(
	string key,
	ref DataCacheItemVersion version,
	string region


Type: System..::..String
The unique value that is used to identify the object in the cache.
Type: Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching..::..DataCacheItemVersion%
The version of the desired object, passed by reference.
Type: System..::..String
The name of the region where the object resides.

Return Value

Type: System..::..Object
If the version in the region differs from the version parameter, the corresponding cached object is returned. If the version in the region is the same as the version parameter, null is returned.