Set the Marketplace UI Language


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The Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) is a global service. The web UI corresponds to the region of the Windows Account or Organization Account used to create and sign into the Marketplace account. This topic covers how to change the display language you see in the web UI.

The following steps change the language in the web UI. You can change the language from any screen in the Marketplace.

  1. Locate the Language link at the top of the page. (Figure 1)

    Currentl language
    Figure 1 – Find the current UI language

  2. Click the language, for example, English.

  3. On the Select your language page, locate and click the language you prefer. (Figure 2)

    Select your preferred language
    Figure 2 – Select your preferred UI language

This changes only the interface language. The language used in offering titles and descriptions remains the same. (Figure 3) To see the offering description in the language you prefer you must have the text translated. See the section Translate the text

Description unchanged

Figure 3 – Description language unchanged

  1. Highlight the section of text you want translated.

  2. Hover your mouse over the selected text.

  3. Right click your mouse.

  4. From the context menu, select Translate with Bing.

  5. In the Bing translator window, set the Translate from: and Translate to: dropdowns.

    Bing translator
    Figure 4 – Bing translator

  6. Click Translate.
    The original text and its translation appear in rectangles below the dropdowns.