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Define custom APIs in Azure Mobile Services

Updated: January 20, 2015

The topics in this section provide information and specific examples for defining a custom API in Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. A custom API is an endpoint in your mobile service that can be called by one or more of the standard HTTP methods. For topics related to server scripts in general, see Business logic in Azure Mobile Services. This same content is available as help in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal. For more general information about Mobile Services and examples of how to use Mobile Services in your apps, see Mobile Services Tutorials and Resources.

In This Section


Topic Description

Custom API

Describes how to define a custom API in Mobile Services.

Content types and headers

Describes how to work with custom content formats and message headers in a custom API.

Related Sections


Topic Description

Read and write data

Show an example of how to access data tables from server scripts.

Authorize user

Show an example of how to modify an operation based on an authenticated user.

Send push notification

Show an example of how to send a push notification from a server script.

Send HTTP request

Shows an example of how to send an HTTP request from a script.

Error handling

Shows an example of how to override default error handling for requests.

Restrict access to admins

Shows an example of how, from scripts, to only allow administers to perform operations.

Script debugging

Describes how to debug server scripts.

Shortcut keys

Details the shortcut keys available in the script editor in the Management Portal.

Schedule jobs

Describes the job scheduler feature.

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