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Client library for C++

Updated: June 27, 2013

The Azure Mobile Services SDK includes a client library for C++ that enables Windows Store development with XAML and C++. This topic provides detailed reference information to use this client library.

If you are new to Mobile Services, you should consider first completing one of these Mobile Services quickstarts:

  • Quickstart: Adding a mobile service using C++ (Windows Store)

    Demonstrates how to use Mobile Services to easily create an app that uses Azure.

  • Quickstart: Adding push notifications for a mobile service (Windows Store)

    Demonstrates how to use Mobile Services to send push notifications to your apps.

These quickstarts give you an easy entry into using the power and convenience of Mobile Services to expand the reach and capabilities of your apps.

The Mobile Services SDK also includes a .NET library that enables you to create Mobile Services-enabled apps for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 by using C#, VB, and XAML, and a JavaScript library that enables you to create equivalent Mobile Services-enabled apps by using HTML and JavaScript. For more information, see Client library for .NET and Client library for JavaScript.

The Mobile Services client library for C++ is implemented in the azure::mobile namespace.

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