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table Class

Updated: June 18, 2015

Represents an Azure mobile services table

The Mobile Services client library for C++ has been removed from Visual Studio 2015 and is only available in Visual Studio 2013. The library is not compatible with Azure Mobile Apps.

class table;


Name Description

table::table Constructor

Creates a local object representing an Azure mobile services table


Name Description

table::find Method

Retrieve the record of the specified id.

table::insert Method

Insert a record into the table.

table::name Method

Returns the name of the table.

table::read Method

Overloaded. Retrieve all records in the table.

table::remove Method

Overloaded. Remove an existing a record in the table.

table::update Method

Overloaded. Update an existing a record in the table.

Header: azuremobile.h

Namespace: azure::mobile

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