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Application Scenarios (WCF Data Services)

WCF Data Services supports a core set of scenarios for exposing and consuming data as Open Data Protocol (OData) feeds. This topic points you to the topics relevant to these scenarios.

Expose relational data from a database as an OData feed.
Expose arbitrary CLR data classes as an OData feed. 
Consume an OData feed in a .NET Framework-based client application.
Consume an OData feed in a Silverlight-based client application.
Consume an OData feed in an AJAX-based client application.
Create an end-to-end data solution that uses OData to transfer data between client and server.
Create a .NET Framework-based client application that consumes an OData feed asynchronously to avoid latency issues on the client.
Expose and consume an OData feed with a binary large object that is accessed and changed as a stream.
Bind OData feeds to controls in a Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) application.
Intercept incoming messages to the data service to perform data validation and role-based filtering of queries.
Create endpoints on a data service to enable custom service behaviors.

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