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<value> (C# Programming Guide)



A description for the property.

The <value> tag lets you describe the value that a property represents. Note that when you add a property via code wizard in the Visual Studio .NET development environment, it will add a <summary> tag for the new property. You should then manually add a <value> tag to describe the value that the property represents.

Compile with /doc to process documentation comments to a file.

// compile with: /doc:DocFileName.xml  

/// text for class Employee 
public class Employee
    private string _name;

    /// <summary>The Name property represents the employee's name.</summary> 
    /// <value>The Name property gets/sets the value of the string field, _name.</value> 

    public string Name
            return _name;
            _name = value;

/// text for class MainClass 
public class MainClass
    /// text for Main 
    static void Main()
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