AxInternalBase::construct Method [AX 2012]

Constructs the AxBC class that relates to the specified table instance.

client server public static AxInternalBase construct(Common _common)

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Type: Common Table
The table instance that defines which AxBC class to construct.

Return Value

Type: AxInternalBase Class
The constructed AxBC object that corresponds to the table in the _common parameter. If the table instance in the _common parameter relates to a record in the database, the record will be embedded in the AxBC object.

The construct method for the AxInternalBase class is generic. Therefore, it creates an AxBC class that corresponds to the table record in the _common parameter.

If a corresponding AxBC class does not exist for the table ID that is passed in the _common parameter, this method returns a null object.

The following example shows how to construct an AxBC class for a sales table record.

SalesTable        salesTable; 
AxSalesTable      axSalesTable; 
select firstonly salesTable; 
axSalesTable = AxInternalBase::construct(salesTable);