AxdRFQReply.createList Method [AX 2012]

Causes an exception because this document class does not support the action.

public AifEntityKeyList createList(
    XML _xml, 
    AifEndpointActionPolicyInfo _actionPolicyInfo, 
    AifConstraintListCollection _constraintListCollection)

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Type: XML Extended Data Type
An XML string that contains the data to be persisted to the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.
Type: AifEndpointActionPolicyInfo Class
The record ID of the map policy that specifies which value mapping to perform.
Type: AifConstraintListCollection Class
A collection of constraint lists that are identified for each document. For more information, see AifConstraintListCollection Class.

Return Value

Type: AifEntityKeyList Class
The entity key that defines the created transaction.

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