This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Windows Applications Namespaces in Visual Studio

The namespaces in the .NET Framework for creating rich Windows applications and graphics include:

  • System.Windows.Forms — contains classes for creating Windows-based applications that take full advantage of the rich user interface features available in the Microsoft Windows operating system. In this namespace you will find the Form class and many other controls that can be added to forms to create user interfaces.

  • System.Windows — provides access to the core base element clasess needed to create Windows Presentation Foundation applications.

  • System.Windows.Controls — contains classes for creating Windows Presentation Foundation controls for use in applications.

  • System.Drawing — provides access to GDI+ basic graphics functionality. More advanced functionality is provided in the System.Drawing.Drawing2D, System.Drawing.Imaging, and System.Drawing.Text namespaces.

  • System.ServiceProcess — provides classes that allow you to install and run long-running executables that do not have a user interface.

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