Add Project Output Group Dialog Box

Specifies which outputs of projects in the current solution will be included in an installer or merge module. Project output groups added by means of this dialog box are added to the detail pane for the folder in the File System Editor along with their dependencies. To set properties for a project output group, select the group in the detail pane.

To access the Add Project Output Group dialog box, on the Action menu, point to Add, then click Project Output when a folder is selected in the File System Editor.




Select a project within the current solution.

Outputs List

Contains a list of outputs for the selected project. Multiple items may be selected in the list.


Select a configuration for the selected project. Defaults to the Active configuration.

Changes to the Configuration setting do not take effect until the specified configuration has been rebuilt.


Contains a description of the output selected in the outputs list. Disabled when multiple outputs are selected.

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