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AlertingWcfProxy Namespace

This API supports the SQL Server 2012 infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

The AlertingWcfProxy namespace contains classes for alert definition and management.

  Class Description
Public class AlertDefinition Infrastructure. Represents the rules by which the alert is evaluated.
Public class AlertDefinitionCreate Infrastructure. Creates a new alert definition for the Windows Communication Foundation.
Public class AlertManagementClient Infrastructure. Provides methods where clients can use programmatically to manage (create, edit, delete, & list) alert definitions.
Public class AlertSchedule Infrastructure. Represents the schedule used to extract feed data.
Public class DeliveryTarget Infrastructure. Represents the alert delivery format and delivery addresses.
Public class Feed Infrastructure. Represents the data feed that is used as a source for the alert definition.
Public class FeedPreviewData Infrastructure. Represents the preview of the data feed that is used as a source for the alert definition.
Public class FeedSchema Infrastructure. Represents the schema of the data feed of the current session.
Public class RsExceptionInfo Infrastructure. Represents the exception that is thrown when a Reporting Service error occurs.
Public class User Infrastructure. Represents the user in the alerting to support the metadata and runtime security.

  Interface Description
Public interface AlertManagement Infrastructure. Represents the operation contracts that allow to programmatically create, list, update and delete alert definitions.
Public interface AlertManagementChannel Infrastructure. Implements a channel to programmatically manage alert definitions.

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