HttpApplicationState Properties

(see also Protected Properties )
  Name Description
Public property AllKeys Gets the access keys in the HttpApplicationState collection.
Public property Contents Gets a reference to the HttpApplicationState object.
Public property Count Overridden. Gets the number of objects in the HttpApplicationState collection.
Public property Item Overloaded. Gets access to an object in an HttpApplicationState collection. This property is overloaded to allow access to an object by name or numerical index.
Public property Keys  Gets a NameObjectCollectionBase.KeysCollection instance that contains all the keys in the NameObjectCollectionBase instance. (inherited from NameObjectCollectionBase)
Public property StaticObjects Gets all objects declared by an <object> tag where the scope is set to "Application" within the ASP.NET application.

  Name Description
Protected property IsReadOnly  Gets or sets a value indicating whether the NameObjectCollectionBase instance is read-only. (inherited from NameObjectCollectionBase)