Splash User Interface Dialog Box

The Splash dialog box is used to present an image to the user, usually to display a logo or branding information. The Splash dialog box is typically the first dialog box displayed during installation.

The following illustration shows a typical Splash dialog box, as it would appear during installation.

Splash dialog box

Deployment UI splash screen

The Splash dialog box has two properties: SplashBitmap and Sunken.

The SplashBitmap property specifies a bitmap or JPEG image to be displayed in the dialog box. For best results, you should use an image with dimensions of 480 pixels wide by 320 pixels high. Images with different dimensions will be stretched or shrunk to fit and may appear distorted.

The Sunken property determines whether to display a sunken border around the image. In the above illustration, the Sunken property is set to true.

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