Finished User Interface Dialog Box

The Finished dialog box is used to notify the user when the installation is complete. The text in the body of the dialog box reads "Product has been successfully installed. Click "Close" to exit." Product is the ProductName property for the deployment project.

The Finished dialog box is always the last dialog box displayed during installation and can only be located in the End section of the User Interface Editor.


If an installer contains any other dialog boxes, it must also contain the Finished dialog box.

The following illustration shows a typical Finished dialog box, as it would appear during installation.

Finished dialog box

Deployment UI splash screen

The following properties are available for the Finished dialog box.




Specifies a bitmap or JPEG image to be displayed in the banner area. In the above illustration, the default bitmap is shown. For more information, see BannerBitmap Property.


Specifies text to be displayed on the Finished dialog. For more information, see UpdateText Property.

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