Writing Applications with Visual C#
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Writing Applications with Visual C# 

C# is a type-safe, object-oriented language that is simple yet powerful, allowing programmers to build a breadth of applications. Combined with the .NET Framework, Visual C# enables the creation of Windows applications, Web services, database tools, components, controls, and more.

This section contains information on various Microsoft platform technologies upon which you can base C# applications.

In This Section

Using the .NET Framework Class Library (Visual C#)

Describes using the .NET Framework class library types in your Visual C# projects.

Creating ASP.NET Web Applications (Visual C#)

Describes using the C# code editor within Visual Web Developer to create Web applications with code-behind pages in C#.

Creating Windows Forms Applications (Visual C#)

Describes using Windows Forms to create Windows applications.

Creating Console Applications (Visual C#)

Explains creating applications that do not require a graphical user interface.

Accessing and Displaying Data (Visual C#)

Describes interacting with databases.

Creating Mobile and Embedded Applications (Visual C#)

Describes creating applications for smart devices, embedded devices, and thin mobile clients.

Creating and Accessing Web Services (Visual C#)

Describes interacting with XML Web services.

Creating Components (Visual C#)

Describes creating user controls and other components for the .NET Framework.

Developing on the Office Platform (Visual C#)

Describes using Visual Studio Tools for Office to create smart documents.

Developing for the Enterprise (Visual C#)

Describes developing applications for SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and more.

Tablet PC Programming (Visual C#)

Describes developing ink-based applications for the Tablet PC.

Audio, Video, Games and Graphics (Visual C#)

Describes using Windows Media and DirectX for Managed code.

Creating Starter Kits (Visual C#)

Describes creating starter kits to help others get up and running quickly with your sample code.

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