This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Runs the script contained in a specified resource to register or unregister an object.

HRESULT WINAPI UpdateRegistryFromResourceD(
   UINT nResID,
   BOOL bRegister,
   struct _ATL_REGMAP_ENTRY* pMapEntries = NULL 
) throw( );
HRESULT WINAPI UpdateRegistryFromResourceD(
   LPCTSTR lpszRes,
   BOOL bRegister,
   struct _ATL_REGMAP_ENTRY* pMapEntries = NULL 
) throw( );


A resource name.
A resource ID.
TRUE if the object should be registered; FALSE otherwise.
A pointer to the replacement map storing values associated with the script's replaceable parameters. ATL automatically uses %MODULE%. To use additional replaceable parameters, see CAtlModule::AddCommonRGSReplacements. Otherwise, use the NULL default value.

Return Value

Returns S_OK on success, or an error HRESULT on failure.


Runs the script contained in the resource specified by lpszRes or nResID. If bRegister is TRUE, this method registers the object in the system registry; otherwise it removes the object from the registry.

To statically link to the ATL Registry Component (Registrar), see CAtlModule::UpdateRegistryFromResourceS.

This method calls CAtlModule::UpdateRegistryFromResourceDHelper.

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