Customizing the Development Environment

You can customize the appearance and behavior of Visual Studio in many different ways, for example, using settings and options, re-arranging windows, and adding extensions.



How to: Change Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

Explains how to change the fonts and color schemes for IDE elements such as menus, windows, and dialog boxes.

You can select one of the two basic color themes—a light theme and a dark theme—that are included in Visual Studio. You can also install additional predefined themes, and create custom themes, by downloading and installing the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor.

Arranging and Using Windows in Visual Studio

Describes how to re-arrange tool windows and document windows in the IDE.

How to: Customize Menus and Toolbars (Visual Studio)

Explains how to add or remove items from toolbars and menus.

Customizing Development Settings

Describes how settings work in the IDE, how to import and export settings, and how to change base settings.

How to: Change the Start Page

Explains how to specify that a particular dialog box, page, or empty environment is displayed when you start the IDE.

Creating Visual Studio Templates

Explains how to create your own project and item templates.

Managing External Tools

Describes the various tools and utilities that are included with Visual Studio.

Managing Extensions and Updates

Describes how to use the Extensions and Updates dialog box to locate, install, and manage extensions to Visual Studio.