IAccPropServices::SetPropValue Method (Byte%, UInt32, Guid, Object^)


The IAccPropServices interface and all of its exposed members are part of a managed wrapper for the Component Object Model (COM) IAccPropServices interface.

Namespace:   Accessibility
Assembly:  Accessibility (in Accessibility.dll)

void SetPropValue(
	[InAttribute] unsigned char% pIDString,
	unsigned int dwIDStringLen,
	Guid idProp,
	Object^ var


Type: System::Byte%

Identifies the accessible element that is to be annotated.

Type: System::UInt32

Specifies the length of the string identified by the pIDString parameter.

Type: System::Guid

Specifies the property of the accessible element to be annotated.

Type: System::Object^

Specifies a new value for the property.

For more information about IAccPropServices, see the documentation about "Dynamic Annotation" in the Microsoft Active Accessibility documentation in the MSDN library at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library.

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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