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Create Creates the Windows toolbar and attaches it to the CToolBar object.
CreateEx Creates a CToolBar object with additional styles for the embedded CToolBarCtrl object.
CToolBar Constructs a CToolBar object.
LoadBitmap Loads the bitmap containing bitmap-button images.
LoadToolBar Loads a toolbar resource created with the resource editor.
SetBitmap Sets a bitmapped image.
SetButtons Sets button styles and an index of button images within the bitmap.
SetHeight Sets the height of the toolbar.
SetSizes Sets the sizes of buttons and their bitmaps.


CommandToIndex Returns the index of a button with the given command ID.
GetButtonInfo Retrieves the ID, style, and image number of a button.
GetButtonStyle Retrieves the style for a button.
GetButtonText Retrieves the text that will appear on a button.
GetItemID Returns the command ID of a button or separator at the given index.
GetItemRect Retrieves the display rectangle for the item at the given index.
GetToolBarCtrl Allows direct access to the underlying common control.
SetButtonInfo Sets the ID, style, and image number of a button.
SetButtonStyle Sets the style for a button.
SetButtonText Sets the text that will appear on a button.

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