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Specifies the configuration for the project specified in by the /project argument.

devenv {/build|/rebuild|/deploy|/clean} ConfigName [/project ProjName] /projectconfig ConfigName SolutionName


Builds the project specified by /project ProjName.
Cleans then builds the project specified by /project ProjName.
Specifies that the project is deployed after a build or rebuild.
Cleans all intermediary files and output directories created during a build.
Required. The solution configuration name.
Required. The path and name of the solution file (.sln).
/project ProjName
Optional. The project name and extension to build, clean, deploy, or rebuild. ProjName can be the complete path and name of the project file, a relative path and name of the project file from the directory containing the solution file (.sln), or the display name of the project if it is unique.
/projectconfig ConfigName
Required. The name of the build configuration.


Must be used with the /project switch as part of a /build, /deploy, /rebuild, or /clean switches.


This example builds the project MyProject1, in solution MySolution, with the debug solution configuration and the debug project configuration.

devenv /build debug /project MyProject1 /projectconfig "debug|.net" "c:\MySolutions\Visual Studio Projects\MySolution\MySolution.sln"

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