The NL_OUT_CHAIN_SET_CLIENT_ATTRIBUTES_V1 structure specifies the values returned from the normal (writable) DC.<38>

   [unique, string] wchar_t* HubName;
   [unique, string] wchar_t** OldDnsHostName;
   [unique] ULONG * SupportedEncTypes;

HubName: The NetBIOS name of the writable domain controller receiving NetrChainSetClientAttributes (section<39>

OldDnsHostName: The client's DNS host name, if any, from the dNSHostName attribute
([MS-ADA1] section 2.185) on the client's computer account object in Active Directory on the writable domain controller. If there was an update to the dNSHostName attribute by the writable domain controller as a result of receiving NetrChainSetClientAttributes, this value will hold the previous value of that attribute.

SupportedEncTypes: The supported encryption algorithms received from the NetrLogonGetDomainInfo request, in the SupportedEncTypes field in the NETLOGON_DOMAIN_INFO (section structure.<40>