This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

White Space and Significant White Space Handling when Loading the DOM

When loading the document, you can set the option to preserve white space and create XmlWhitespace nodes in the document tree. To create white space nodes, set the PreserveWhitespace property to true. If the property is set to false, which is the default, white space nodes are not created. Significant white spaces nodes are always preserved, and XmlSignificantWhitespace nodes are always created in memory to represent this data, regardless of the setting of the PreserveWhitespace flag.

If the document is loaded from a reader, then setting of the PreserveWhitespace flag property on the XmlDocument class affects the creation of XmlWhitespace nodes only when the WhitespaceHandling property on the XmlTextReader is not set to WhitespaceHandling.None. It is the value of the WhitespaceHandling property on the reader that takes precedence over the setting of that flag on the XmlDocument. For more information on XmlSignificantWhitespace, see XmlSignificantWhitespace Class.