This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating System Monitoring Components

System monitoring components such as the PerformanceCounter component, the EventLog component, and the ServiceController component allow you to monitor and interact with a variety of system resources. You can use these component instances to interact with Windows performance counters, event logs, and long-running services.

In This Section

System Monitoring Walkthroughs
Lists walkthroughs you can use to learn how to work with EventLog, PerformanceCounter, and ServiceController components.
Monitoring Performance Thresholds
Provides basic information on monitoring Microsoft Windows performance thresholds.
Logging Application, Server, and Security Events
Provides additional information on monitoring Windows event logs by reading information from and writing information to them.
Monitoring Windows Services
Provides information on how to monitor existing Windows services.
Monitoring and Managing Windows Processes
Explains the process of creating a component to automate administrative tasks for Windows processes.

Related Sections

Programming with Components
Presents a high-level overview of component programming and authoring.