Begins the definition of a message map on a class type containing a single template argument.

BEGIN_TEMPLATE_MESSAGE_MAP(theClass, type_name, baseClass )


Specifies the name of the class whose message map this is.


The name of the template parameter specified for the class.


Specifies the name of the base class of theClass.

This macro is similar to the BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP macro; however, this macro is intended for classes containing a single template argument.

In the method implementation section of your class, start the message map with the BEGIN_TEMPLATE_MESSAGE_MAP macro; then add macro entries for each of your message-handler methods as you would for a standard message map. As with the BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP macro, complete the template message map with the END_MESSAGE_MAP macro.

For more information on implementing message maps for template classes, refer to How to: Create a Message Map for a Template Class.

Header: afxwin.h

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