This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Breaking Changes in the Standard C++ Library 

This section describes the breaking changes in Visual C++ 2005.

The exception Class

The exception class (located in the <exception> header) has been moved to the std namespace. In previous versions, this class was in the global namespace.

To resolve any errors indicating that the exception class cannot be found, add the following using statement to your code:

using namespace std;

Changes to valarray::resize()

When calling valarray::resize(), the contents of the valarray will be lost and will be replaced by default values. The resize() method is intended to reinitialize the valarray rather than grow it dynamically like a vector.

Debug Iterators

Applications built with a debug version of the C-Runtime Library and which use iterators incorrectly might begin to see asserts at runtime. To disable these asserts, you must define _HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING to 0. For more information, see Debug Iterator Support.

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