We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Visual Studio 2008

Same as fill_n, but enforces the use of a checked iterator as output iterator. checked_fill_n is defined in the stdext namespace.


This algorithm is a Microsoft extension to the Standard C++ Library. Code implemented using this algorithm will not be portable.

template<class OutputIterator, class Size, class Type>
   void checked_fill_n(
      OutputIterator _First, 
      Size _Count, 
      const Type&_Val


An output iterator addressing the position of the first element in the range to be assigned the value _Val.


A signed or unsigned integer type specifying the number of elements to be assigned the value.


The value to be assigned to elements in the range [_First, _First + _Count).

See fill_n for a code sample.

For more information on checked iterators, see Checked Iterators.

Header: <algorithm>

Namespace: stdext