This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Features No Longer Available in MFC

Visual Studio .NET 2003

This topic lists features that were discontinued starting in version 3.0 of the MFC library. Many of the changes result from similar changes in Win32.

  • VBX controls (not supported on 32-bit platforms).
  • Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing classes (not supported under Windows NT; Pen support is available under Windows 95, but MFC does not supply Pen classes).
  • The UnrealizeObject function has been deleted in Win32.

    Since calls to CGdiObject::UnrealizeObject are common in programs written for Windows version 3.x, yet are now unnecessary, this member function is retained for backward compatibility. It now always returns a nonzero value, without making an underlying Win32 function call. Calls to CGdiObject::UnrealizeObject should not be made in new Win32 programs and should be removed from existing programs eventually.

  • The QueryAbort function has been deleted in Win32; the CDC::QueryAbort member function has also been deleted.

    If your program needs this functionality, you should create a member function that calls your AbortProc callback function directly.

  • The console library variants, NAFXCR.LIB and NAFXCRD.LIB, are no longer available.

    You should now link with NAFXCW.LIB or NAFXCWD.LIB with no loss in capability or content from projects that previously used NAFXCR.LIB or NAFXCRD.LIB.

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