This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Walkthrough: Creating a Simple Windows Form

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In this walkthrough you will build and run a simple Windows Form.

To create a Windows Form

  1. Start Visual Studio.
  2. Create a Windows Application called HelloWorld. For details, see Creating a Windows Application Project.
  3. From the Toolbox, drag a Button control onto the form.
  4. Click the button to select it. In the Properties window, set the Text property to "Say Hello".

To write the code for your application

  1. Double-click the button to add an event handler for the Button1 Click event. The Code Editor will open with the insertion point placed within the event handler.
  2. Insert the following code:
    ' Visual Basic
    MessageBox.Show ("Hello, World!")
    // C#
    MessageBox.Show("Hello, World!");
    // C++
    MessageBox::Show("Hello, World!");

To test your application

  1. Press F5 to run the application.
  2. When your application is running, click the button and verify that "Hello, World!" is shown.
  3. Close the Windows Form to return to Visual Studio.