Event Handling in Visual C++

Event Handling in Visual C++

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Event handling in Visual C++ uses the Unified Event Model, which allows you to use the same programming model for event handling in all types of classes in Visual C++:

  • Native C++ classes (C++ classes that do not implement COM objects).
  • COM classes (C++ classes that implement COM objects, typically using ATL classes or the coclass attribute).
  • Managed classes (C++ classes declared with the __gc keyword or by declaration in a managed context).

In This Section

Introduction to the Unified Event Model
Discusses event handling in Visual C++ and the Unified Event Model.
Event Handling in Native C++
Describes event handling for native (non-COM) C++ classes.
Event Handling in COM
Explains event handling for COM classes.
Event Handling in Managed Code
Describes event handling for managed classes.

Related Sections

Event Handling Keywords
Provides reference material for event_source, event_receiver, __event, __hook, __raise, and __unhook.
Event Handling Samples
Provides links to sample programs demonstrating event handling in Visual C++.
Adding Functionality
Provides links to topics describing conceptual information about the Visual C++ libraries and topics discussing various coding technologies and techniques.
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