This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Access denied to Web server

Visual Studio .NET 2003

If permissions on the Web server or NTFS file-system security are set incorrectly for shared Web folders, it can cause the Web server to deny access when creating Web projects. Web permissions and NTFS permissions should be synchronized. When you attempt to access a Web server, the more restrictive of the two is used. The wrong permission settings may also force a user to supply a password to access the shared Web directory.

For a complete description of Web permissions settings and instructions see Setting Web Server Permissions in the Internet Information Services (IIS) documentation.

To run the Web Permissions Wizard to check security

  1. Open the IIS Console and right-click the server you want to inspect.
  2. Expand the server node and right-click your project folder.
  3. On the shortcut menu, expand All Tasks and select Permissions Wizard.
  4. Follow the directions in the wizard, selecting the security settings you want for your application.

Checking NTFS File-System Security

When creating Web projects, you should be added to the VS Developers group on the server that contains the Web server that you are creating Web projects on. This allows you to access shared Web folders on the server. For more information about checking the NTFS file-system permissions for Windows 2000 servers, see Setting Debug Permissions on Windows 2000.

Note   You should always reboot a computer after making changes to NTFS permissions to ensure that the new group member is shown.

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