Programming Web Forms

Programming Web Forms

Visual Studio .NET 2003

An important part of developing Web applications is programming the user interface. The following topics provide information about programming Web Forms pages, with specific emphasis on the unique aspects of working in a Web-based environment.

In This Section

Server Event Handling in Web Forms Pages
Gives an overview of event-handling general types, and links to specific event-handling procedures.
Page and Application Context
Describes the intrinsic objects in ASP.NET that provide access to the current application, each user session, the current HTTP request, the requested Web Forms page, and so on.
Redirecting Users to Another Page
Gives instruction on redirecting users from one Web Forms page to another.
Detecting Browser Types in Web Forms
Gives directions for detecting browser types in Web Forms pages.
Web Forms State Management
Gives an overview of ASP.NET state management options.

Related Sections

Web Forms Pages
Suggests additional topics of interest concerning Web Forms.
Web Forms Page Processing
Explains how Web Forms pages are processed, including what stages (events) they go through and what you can do at each stage.
ASP.NET Server Controls
Describes the controls available for use on Web Forms pages.
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