This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Warning (level 3) C4786

Visual Studio .NET 2003

'identifier' : identifier was truncated to 'number' characters in the debug information

The identifier string exceeded the maximum allowable length and was truncated.

The debugger cannot debug code with symbols longer than 255 characters. In the debugger, you cannot view, evaluate, update, or watch the truncated symbols.

This limitation can be overcome by shortening identifier names. The example code below demonstrates this method.

A trace mechanism can also be used to solve this problem. A trace mechanism is like the printf statements in the code. It keeps track of what is going on in an application during the debugging process. The _ASSERT, _ASSERTE, _RPTn and _RPTFn macros provide concise and flexible ways to perform the trace. These macros are not defined when _DEBUG is not defined. See Using Macros for Verification and Reporting for more information.

This warning is off by default. See Compiler Warnings That Are Off by Default for more information.