This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Web Forms Pages

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Web Forms is an ASP.NET feature that you can use to create the user interface for your Web applications. Web Forms pages offer you a powerful and straightforward programming model that uses familiar rapid application development (RAD) techniques to build sophisticated Web-enabled user interfaces. The following topics provide background information that you will find useful in learning to work with Web Forms pages.

In This Section

Introduction to Web Forms Pages
Presents a high-level overview of Web Forms pages and describes why Web Forms pages solve problems unique to Web application development.
Creating and Managing Web Forms Pages
Provides instructions on creating and managing Web Forms pages.
Programming Web Forms
Provides information on the specific aspects of programming in a Web Forms environment.
Data Access in Web Forms Pages
Provides a summary of ASP.NET data binding technology in Web Forms pages.

Related Sections

Creating and Programming ASP.NET Server Controls
Lists the controls you can add to a Web Forms page and provides links for more information.
Introduction to ASP.NET Web Applications in Visual Studio
Provides an overview of the components of an ASP.NET Web application, including Web Forms and XML Web services, and how Visual Studio helps you create a Web application.
Decision Chart
Provides a graphical, linked guide to decisions about designing your application.
Web Forms State Management
Describes the approaches you can use in a Web Forms page to maintain page and control state.
ASP.NET Technology Backgrounder
Provides a summary of ASP.NET technology and where Web Forms pages fit into it.
Web Forms Code Model
Describes the object-oriented structure of Web Forms pages — how they derive from a base Page class and how they work.
Migrating to Web Forms
Provides an overview of issues in migrating HTML and ASP pages to Web Forms pages, and links to more information.
ASP.NET Optimization
Links to topics that provide suggestions for getting the best performance from your Web applications.