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Working with Web Projects

Working with Web Projects

Visual Studio .NET 2003

ASP.NET Web applications and XML Web services allow you to create applications that leverage the power of the World Wide Web. These types of projects run on a Web server, sending and receiving information using standard protocols such as HTTP and XML. Using Web projects, you can create everything from a traditional Web site that serves HTML pages, to fully featured business applications that run on an intranet or the Internet, to sophisticated business-to-business applications.

In This Section

Introduction to Web Projects
Provides an introduction to the features of Web projects in Visual Studio .NET.
Web Access Methods
Explains the issues you face in choosing how your Web project files will be accessed and how to choose the correct method.
Creating Web Projects
Gives directions for how to create a new Web project.
Opening Web Projects
Provides instructions for opening existing Web projects and adding them to a solution.
Setting Web Permissions
Provides instructions for setting permissions that control who can access the files in your Web project in what way.
Taking Web Projects Offline
Describes how to take Web projects offline and synchronize or refresh them.
Troubleshooting Web Projects
Explains how to fix some common problems encountered when working with Web projects.

Related Sections

Local vs. Web Projects
Describes differences between directory-based Web applications and file-based local applications.
Managing Project Web References
Provides instructions for renaming and updating references to XML Web services.
Adding and Removing Web References
Provides instructions for exposing XML Web services in your application.
Visual Basic and Visual C# Projects
Describes the types of projects available in Visual Basic and Visual C#.
What's New in Projects
Describes the major new project management features of Visual Studio .NET.
Project Changes in Visual Basic .NET
Describes the major differences between projects in Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic .NET.
Deployment of a Web Setup Project
Provides an introduction to deploying to a Web server.
Deploying XML Web Services in Managed Code
Gives directions for how to deploy XML Web services to a network.
Walkthrough: Deploying a Web Solution
Provides step-by-step instructions for deploying a simple ASP.NET Web application.
Upgrading Visual InterDev 6.0 Applications to Visual Studio .NET
Describes how Visual InterDev 6 applications relate to Visual Studio .NET.
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