This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Taking Web Projects Offline

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual Studio gives you the ability to make changes to your Web application while working away from your network. This feature is useful when you need to make source code changes at times when you do not have access to your network. For example, you may need to make changes while traveling with a laptop. If you need to work on your project while offline, you can run and debug your Web project without having a network connection.

Note   Any Web references in your application that point to procedures on external computers will not be accessible offline. Procedures using these references will throw exception errors.

When your connection is restored, you can synchronize your folders. Visual Studio compares your local application files with the files stored on the server. If Visual Studio finds differences between the two sets of files, it will prompt you to correct the differences. The synchronization process is bidirectional, meaning that changes reflected on server files can be incorporated to your local directory.

Another consideration when working offline is the source-control options you have chosen for your project files. These options have a direct effect on the way you access and save changes to your source files. For more information, see Source Control Services.

To take a Web project offline

  • From the Project menu, click Web Project, and then select Work Offline.

    Visual Studio updates the files stored in the local Web cache directory by replacing them with the current files located on the server.

    Note   The location of the local Web cache is specified in the Web Options dialog box. For more information about Web options, see Web Settings, Projects, Options Dialog Box.

To synchronize all Web project files

  • From the Project menu, click Web Project, and then select Synchronize All Folders.

To examine possible differences between online and offline Web project files

  • From the Project menu, click Web Project, and then select Compare to Master Web. ("Master Web" means the files on the server.)

Refreshing Web Project Files

Note the difference between refreshing and synchronizing. Refreshing files makes the Web project files located on your computer (the local files) identical to the files on the server by copying files to the local computer or removing files that do not exist on the server. Synchronizing compares local and server files and updates both sets of files with changes found during the comparison.

To refresh Web project files

  • Click the Refresh button Aa984116.refresh_se(en-us,VS.71).gif on the Solution Explorer toolbar.

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