Creating and Managing Web Forms Pages
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating and Managing Web Forms Pages

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following topics provide information about how to create and work with Web Forms in your Web-based applications.

In This Section

Web Forms Pages and Projects in Visual Studio
Describes the Web projects you can create in Visual Studio .NET for working with Web Forms.
Adding Web Forms Pages to a Web Project
Provides details on creating new Web Forms pages and adding existing Web Forms pages to a project.
Compilation and Deployment of Web Projects
Provides an overview on how Web projects are compiled and deployed.
Compiling and Running Web Forms Pages
Provides details on building and running a Web Form.

Related Sections

Web Forms Pages
Presents a high-level overview of Web Forms features in Visual Studio and provides links for more information.
Creating Web Projects
Provides details on starting a new project, either a full application with starter files included or an empty Web project.
ASP.NET Server Controls
Provides an overview of the types of controls you can use on a Web Forms page.
Editing HTML
Provides details on adding HTML elements to your page and manipulating them.
Creating and Programming ASP.NET Server Controls
Provides details on how to add controls to a Web Forms page, set control properties, and create event-handling methods.
Working with Web Projects
Provides details on project management when making your ASP.NET Web application.
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