This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Windows Forms Print Support

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Printing in Windows Forms consists primarily of using the PrintDocument component to enable the user to print, and the PrintPreviewDialog control, PrintDialog and PageSetupDialog components to provide a familiar graphical interface to users accustomed to the Windows operating system.

Typically, you create a new instance of the PrintDocument component, set the properties that describe what to print using the PrinterSettings and PageSettings classes, and call the Print method to actually print the document.

During the course of printing from a Windows application, the PrintDocument component will show an abort print dialog box to alert users to the fact that printing is occurring and to allow the print job to be canceled.

In This Section

Creating Standard Windows Forms Print Jobs
Explains how to use the PrintDocument component to print from a Windows Form.
Changing Windows Forms Print Options at Run Time
Explains how to modify selected print options programmatically using the PrintDialog component.
Choosing the Printers Attached to a User's Machine in Windows Forms
Describes changing the printer to print to using the PrintDialog component at run time.
Printing Graphics in Windows Forms
Describes sending graphics to the printer.
Printing Text in Windows Forms
Describes sending text to the printer.
Completing Windows Forms Print Jobs
Explains how to alert users to the completion of a print job.
Displaying Print Preview in Windows Applications
Describes showing users the PrintPreviewDialog control.

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