PAVE OVER Using SQL Server Compact (Visual Studio)

Microsoft SQL Server Compact is the preferred local database for client applications. This section describes the basic tasks for incorporating SQL Server Compact databases into client applications. For detailed information about SQL Server Compact, see SQL Server Compact Books Online.

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To download SQL Server Compact 4.0 Books Online, go to the SQL Server Compact 4.0 Books Online Download Center.

PAVE OVER SQL Server Compact 4.0 and Visual Studio

Provides an introduction to SQL Server Compact.

PAVE OVER How to: Add a SQL Server Compact Database to a Project

Describes how to add a new or existing SQL Server Compact database to a Windows-based application.

PAVE OVER How to: Deploy a SQL Server Compact 4.0 Database with an Application

Describes how to configure deployment for a Windows-based application that includes a SQL Server Compact database.

PAVE OVER Walkthrough: Creating a SQL Server Compact Database

Provides step-by-step details for creating a SQL Server Compact database that has two tables with a relationship between them.

PAVE OVER Walkthrough: Adding a SQL Server Compact Database to an Application and Deploying it

Provides step-by-step details for incorporating a SQL Server Compact database in a Windows-based application and configuring the application for deployment.

Local Data Overview

Describes the Visual Studio features for incorporating database files directly into an application.