BindToStream Method

SharePoint 2007

Binds the item being processed to a data stream and returns a pointer for that stream to the Filter Daemon.

HRESULT BindToStream(
IStream **ppStream



[out] The address of a pointer to the Stream object containing the contents of the content item.

If successful, returns S_OK, otherwise it returns an error value. For a list of error messages returned by Enterprise Search in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, see Protocol Handler Error Messages.

For the Filter Daemon to retrieve any useful information for an item, all protocol handlers must implement one of the following IUrlAccessor methods:


This method is less efficient than direct file access because it creates a temporary file. If direct file access is available, you should implement the GetFileName and BindToFilter methods.

Protocol handlers may implement either the BindToFilter or BindToStream methods of the IURLAccessor interface, or they can implement both. For example, protocol handlers can use the BindToFilter method for metadata associated with items in the content source, and use the BindToStream method to retrieve the actual content of the items.

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