GetSecurityDescriptor Method

SharePoint 2007

Gets the security descriptor for the item.

HRESULT GetSecurityDescriptor(
DWORD dwSize,
DWORD *pdwLength



[out] Pointer to the byte that contains information about the security descriptor for the content source.


[in] DWORD representing the size of the pSD byte.


[out] Pointer to the DWORD that contains the number of bytes written to psD, not including NULL.

If successful, returns S_OK, otherwise it returns an error value. For a list of error messages returned by Enterprise Search in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, see Protocol Handler Error Messages.

Use this method to retrieve the security information associated with the content item. Enterprise Search results security trimming is applied at query time, so only security for read access to the content item is of interest here.

If you do not implement this method, security trimming is not applied, so the content item can be included in search results for any user's related query.

Security descriptor emitted by this method must be self relative.

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