Web Content Management
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Web Content Management

SharePoint 2007

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 completely integrates Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 functionality and provides significantly enhanced Web content management functionality.

Enhanced Web content management features

The following table describes the integrated and enhanced features.

New or Enhanced Feature Description

Page and Site Customization (new)


Customization enhancements for Office SharePoint Server 2007 pages and sites, including for the following:

  • Site navigation

  • Master page creation with minimal required functionality

  • Page Editing toolbar components

  • HTML field editor control

  • Styles

  • Asset Picker

  • Content Query Web Part using custom properties

  • Custom field control creation

Portal Content and Branding Customization (new)

Common Page and Site Customization Tasks

Organize and render content through many configurable components, and customize the following:

  • Data that is displayed in a Content Query Web Part

  • Branded sites built from scratch using a master page with minimal functionality

  • Data that is displayed in Site Navigation—a component that leverages the ASP.NET Menu control

Variations and Multi-Language Sites (new)


Uses the Variations feature, which is especially beneficial for global organizations that maintain Web presence sites in multiple languages. Configure landing redirect logic for a site that is using Variations and configure the Variations Label Menu control.

Deploying Content Between Servers (new)


Provides ability to use the object model to create a custom deployment job that deploys content across multiple servers, and to work with the content migration API when a direct connection between servers is not available.

Page Publishing using Document Converters (new)


Convert documents into Web pages that can be published to a specific location and updated as needed from the source document. Users can author documents in the client application of their choice, take advantage of the features that application offers, store those documents in Office SharePoint Server 2007, and then have Office SharePoint Server 2007 generate a publishing page from the document.

Web Publishing and Deployment (enhanced)


Support for environments where distinct authoring, staging, and production workflows are part of the formal Web publishing processes.

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