ISearchProtocol Interface

SharePoint 2007

Pethods for invoking, initializing, and managing IUrlAccessor Interface objects. The Filter Daemon calls methods from this interface when processing URLs from the search component.


The ISearchProtocol interface extends the IUnknown interface.

ISearchProtocol Methods

Name Description

CloseAccessor Method

Closes a previously created UrlAccessor object.

CreateAccessor Method

Creates and initializes an UrlAccessor object.

ISearch Protocol Init Method

Initializes the protocol handler.


Methods in this interface are called by the Filter Daemon when processing URLs.


interface ISearchProtocol : IUnknown
    HRESULT Init([in] TIMEOUT_INFO *pTimeoutInfo,
                 [in] IProtocolHandlerSite *pProtocolHandlerSite,
                 [in] PROXY_INFO *pProxyInfo);
    HRESULT CreateAccessor([in] LPCWSTR pcwszURL,
                           [in] AUTHENTICATION_INFO *pAuthenticationInfo,
                           [in] INCREMENTAL_ACCESS_INFO *pIncrementalAccessInfo,
                           [in] ITEM_INFO *pItemInfo,
                           [out] IUrlAccessor **ppAccessor);
    HRESULT CloseAccessor([in] IUrlAccessor *pAccessor);

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