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CreateAccessor Method

SharePoint 2007

Creates and initializes a UrlAccessor object.

HRESULT CreateAccessor(
AUTHENTICATION_INFO* pAuthenticationInfo,
INCREMENTAL_ACCESS_INFO* pIncrementalAccessInfo,
ITEM_INFO* pItemInfo,
IUrlAccessor** ppAccessor



[in] Pointer to a null-terminated, Unicode string containing the URL of the item being accessed.


[in] Pointer to an AUTHENTICATION_INFO Structure structure that contains authentication information needed to access this item in the content source.


[in] Pointer to an INCREMENTAL_ACCESS_INFO Structure structure that contains incremental access information, such as the last time the file was accessed by the Enterprise Search crawler.


[in] Pointer to an ITEM_INFO Structure structure that contains information about an item.


[out] The address of a pointer to the UrlAccessor object created by this method. This UrlAccessor object contains information about the URL item, such as the item's file name.

If successful, returns S_OK, otherwise it returns an error value. For a list of error messages returned by Enterprise Search in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, see Protocol Handler Error Messages.

This method creates and initializes a UrlAccessor object to process an item currently being accessed by the Enterprise Search crawler. It is called once for every URL processed by the crawler and returns a pointer for the UrlAccessor object to the Filter Daemon.

This method must be re-entrant because it will be called in multiple threads. However, after the UrlAccessor is created, the UrlAccessor will be called by only one thread.

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