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Mapping Element (Document Icons)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Used in the DocIcon.xml file to map particular document types to their respective icons.

  EditText = "Text"
  Key = "Text"
  OpenControl = "Text"
  Value = "Text">




Optional Text. Specifies the name of the application used to edit the type of document.


Required Text. Specifies either a ProgID or a file name extension.


Optional Text. Specifies the name of the Microsoft ActiveX control used to open the type of document.


Required Text. Specifies the URL to the image.

Minimum: 0

Maximum: Unbounded

The following code example maps ProgIDs and file name extensions as follows:

  • For different values of the ProgID <META> tag, it maps ProgIDs to the icons representing the applications. For example, "Excel.Sheet" maps to ichtmxls.gif.

  • It maps file name extensions to appropriate icons. For example, "doc" maps to icdoc.gif.

  • If neither of the above causes a match, it provides a default value, icgen.gif, for the mapping.

    <Mapping Key="Excel.Sheet" Value="ichtmxls.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="PowerPoint.Slide" Value="ichtmppt.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="Word.Document" Value="ichtmdoc.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="doc" Value="icdoc.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="gif" Value="icgif.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="htm" Value="ichtm.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="html" Value="ichtm.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="ppt" Value="icppt.gif"/>
    <Mapping Value="icgen.gif"/>