Debugger Window

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The Visual FoxPro Debugger window contains the Debugger menus, the Debugger toolbar, and several debugging windows.

This window is activated when you choose Debugger from the main Visual FoxPro Tools Menu, as long as the Environment option on the Debug menu (under Options on the Tools menu) is set to Debug Frame. If FoxPro Frame is selected, the Debugger window will not be accessible, and the individual debugger windows will be available from the FoxPro main menu.

Trace Window
Makes it possible for you to see your lines of code as they are being executed.
Locals Window
Displays the visible variables, arrays, objects, and object members from the current program, procedure, or method.
Watch Window
Displays expressions and their current values, and makes it possible for you to set breakpoints on an expression.
Call Stack Window
Displays procedures, programs, and methods that are executing.
Debug Output Window
Displays debug-specific output from your programs.

The debugging windows and toolbar can be docked and positioned.

To Do
Resize adjacent docked windows Drag the separator bar between them.
Float a window Choose Undock from the shortcut menu.
View an open, hidden window Click the toolbar button associated with the window twice: once to close the window and a second time to reopen the window.

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