Importing and Exporting Data

Visual Studio .NET 2003

You can copy data between Visual FoxPro and other applications by importing to and exporting from Visual FoxPro. The data can be in any one of a variety of text, spreadsheet, and table file formats. You can create a new Visual FoxPro table, add to an existing Visual FoxPro table, or copy data to a different file type.

In This Section

Importing and Exporting Concepts
When you import or append data, you bring the data from another application into Visual FoxPro. When you export data, you send data from a Visual FoxPro table to a file type used by another application.
Process of Importing Data
If you want to import from your source file, you can either let Visual FoxPro define the structure of the new table or use the Import Wizard to specify its structure.
Process of Appending Data
You can add your text, spreadsheet, or table data to an existing Visual FoxPro table. By default, Visual FoxPro uses the file type to map the source fields to the destination table.
Process of Exporting Data
You can export data from your Visual FoxPro tables to text files, spreadsheets, or tables used in other applications.

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